Leak Detection Systems

Leak detection systems in your home can alert you to and even prevent water damage to your home. There is so much loss that can occur through water damage, from favorite photos and papers to your entire house. it can occur at any time. If you want to consider using a leak detection system, there are some choices that you will need to make. The first decision to make with a leak detection system is to find out whether or not you want a system that will alert you that there is a problem so you can take your own … Continue reading

Keeping Your Basement Dry

Late winter and early spring are prime times for getting flooding in your basement and water damage to any belongings that you might have stored there. Melting snow and ice can create plenty of water that seeps in to your basement. At the same time, heavy spring rains can find their way in to your home through the basement. There are several things that you can do to prepare your home and keep your basement dry. If you have frequent flooding in the basement, consider purchasing a sump pump. A sump pump system will remove any water from the basement … Continue reading

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

Imagine arriving home after a busy day and finding that your carpet is sopping wet or your hardwood floors are ruined under inches or even feet of water. Water damage can be expensive to fix, but yet it can usually be avoided with some preventative maintenance. Here are some steps that you can take to help minimize the risk that you will be faced with water damage in your home. Know the trouble spots If you are aware of the spots in your home where water damage is most likely to emanate from, you can do a lot to prevent … Continue reading

Prepping and Painting Stained or Damaged Surfaces

A leak? Oh, no! What a mess. After you get the resultant dampness out of the way, treat to prevent mold, and repair the area where the leak occurred, you’re probably going to need to repaint. If you’ve replaced wood, drywall, or other surface materials, you can prep as usual and get down to business. In other situations, say you’ve replaced the outer materials and the insulation, but the inside materials are still useable (and have been thoroughly cleaned and dried) you may need to do a little extra prep work before pulling out the paint brush. First, make absolutely … Continue reading

Ask Anna:The Midnight Disaster!

Last night my phone rang just before midnight. The caller I.D. said it was my little brother in California, of course I panicked for a moment as I picked up the phone to talk. My brother’s and I are very close but generally don’t speak in the middle of the night. So naturally I knew something was wrong. The good thing was that no one was hurt, dead or dying. Once I knew everyone was safe, my brother started to explain what his problem was. Freezing temperatures are not the normal thing people in Southern California experience for long periods … Continue reading

What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze–Mitigate Your Losses!

Frozen water pipes aren’t life threatening, however frozen or broken water pipes do cause damage to homes each winter. Homeowner need to take steps to avoid freezing damage to their house, inside and outside. For information about steps homeowners need to take to avoid the possible catastrophic losses caused by broken water pipes be sure to read the Blog, Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze-Tips to Avoid Home Water Damage. When the pipes in the walls of a house aren’t properly insulated, they can and often do freeze and rupture. Ice expands and needs more space then water and a small … Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze-Tips to Avoid Home Water Damage.

Most homeowners don’t consider the damage from frozen and broken water pipes as catastrophic as a natural disaster, but the damages caused from water pipe failures are one of the most common and least recognized catastrophe losses homeowners suffer every year. Second only to hurricanes, frozen and broken water pipes cause more losses in terms of the number of homes damaged and the total amount of claims paid by insurance companies in the U.S. Repair costs of $50,000 are very common for homes that suffer damage from frozen and broken water pipes. These damages can be a homeowners worst nightmare. … Continue reading

10 Things Most Damaging To Photographs

There are so many factors that can ruin or damage a photograph permanently. Proper storage and handling are important for long-term enjoyment. However, there are ten things you can watch to help control any long term damage to your photographs. One is not any worse than the other, as they all have damaging principles, and almost all are completely controllable. Sunlight Obviously keeping a photograph out of direct sunlight is extremely important. If you choose to place a photograph in a frame, try to avoid direct sunlight or a sunny area of the house. Overtime the exposure to sunlight will … Continue reading

ServPro: Home Restoration Service

Unfortunately, it is an unpleasant fact of life that sometimes bad things happen to good people. If your home or the home of someone you love has been damaged by natural disaster, fire, smoke, water damage, mold or other biohazards, or has even been the scene of a crime or vandalism, there is someone you can call for help. The ServPro Company has been helping families restore their homes and belongings for over 36 years. Their motto is, “Like it never even happened.” ServPro professionals understand that damage in one area can affect more than just that area of the … Continue reading