Five Unconventional Ways to Save on Everyday Expenses

You use coupons at the grocery store, combine errands to save gas, and watch your spending to save money, but is there anything else that you can do to save on your everyday expenses? Probably. Take a look at the following unconventional ways to save. You just may be able to save hundreds in just a few hours. 1. Cut your property tax. With the economic downturn home values have decreased by thousands of dollars. However, your property tax assessment probably doesn’t reflect this new value, which means that you could be paying taxes on a home value that isn’t … Continue reading

More Ways to Save and Benefits of Living on One Income

Yesterday we looked at some ways to save money while living on one income. Here are some more benefits of living on one income and ways to save money. Buy generic products. This might include pharmaceuticals which are often cheaper than the brand names as well as grocery items. Just a word of caution on this: If you or your spouse is watching your weight, sometimes the generic product has a higher calorie or sugar content, so check labels carefully. It’s really a bit of trial and error. We buy a lot of generic products but on some, I definitely … Continue reading

Ways to Save Money Living On One Income

Time to work on you marriage and spend with children, are not the only benefits of living on a single income. Living on one income can help you become more careful with money. How? Read on. When it came to groceries Mick and I figured out early on that the fewer times we went near the supermarket the better off we were. Grocery shopping was once a month. It means making a list and ensuring you are not going to run out of necessary items. If you do, then go without till the next shop, unless it is absolutely essential. … Continue reading

Be Frugal During National Coupon Month

The month of September is National Coupon Month, which makes it the perfect month to learn how cutting coupons can get you savings all year long. Did you know that 76% of the US uses coupons? Last year alone nearly $3 billion was saved using coupons. More than likely you already realize how beneficial using coupons can be. If you spent twenty minutes per week clipping coupons and organizing them you can save 20% off your grocery bill. Over the course of the year that can add up to more than $1000 saved. Just think that if you spent even … Continue reading