Resizing Photos for the Web

If you have a blog, post to photo sites, or do much on the web these days, you’ve no doubt run into the need to resize a photo for the web. In fact, you may have thought about doing it to add a picture to your profile. But if you aren’t sure how to do it, you may have just skipped that part. Resizing a photo for the web is similar to resizing one for e-mail, just with a few tweaks. The purpose may also be a little different, since photos on the web are generally not going to … Continue reading

Are Cookies Tracking You?

When surfing the Internet, are you worried about cookies tracking your every movement and reporting it back to the bad guys, or advertisers (also sometimes known as the bad guys)? How can something with such an innocuous name strike fear and annoyance into the heart of Internet users? Cookies first appeared on the web to help websites keep track of certain data or preferences to help increase the load time of websites or to serve up appropriate content. Since that time, users have been cautious about cookies, or just plain angry that they are there. But does the average cookie … Continue reading

Moment of Beauty 2

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite web sites out there. It is called Moment of Beauty. A new, lovely, photo or image is presented every day. From bright images of flowers and landscapes to solemn photos of religious statutes in shadow, to little hands discovering new things, Moment of Beauty offers a wonderful new surprise each day. This is the second half of the series. If you missed the first blog, click here. Mary Ann: What do you think is the best thing about Moment of Beauty? Patrice: For me, it is getting to pick out … Continue reading

Computing Week in Review: January 21st Through January 27th

Want some free photo editing software? Have you heard about the upgrades to Apple TV? Do you know what Apple TV is all about? Check out these and other great articles posted last week in the Computing Blog week in review. January 21st Computing Week in Review: January 14th Through January 20th Have you heard the news about the new ultra portable laptop? And don’t choose the wrong high definition format for your movies or you can find yourself lost and alone. All of that information is here in the review for last week’s computing articles. January 22nd Free Photo … Continue reading

Kids Web Menu

This free program helps parents keep their children, even ones as young as two, safe on the web. Kids Web Menu 1.4 is an interface that you can install for use on your Windows PC. The software works by limiting children to visiting only pre-approved websites. Parents can choose what websites the kiddies can visit, and password protect their selections. Once running, the interface cannot be minimized (parents can click in a special area to get out of the program), so the little ones can’t go browsing around the computer. The manufacturer promises that kids can play online without any … Continue reading

Creating and sharing digital scrapbook pages is becoming more popular with the creation of online sites with tools that make it so easy. is a new site with many fun and creative possibilities. You can create a nice variety of items on this site that you can share with others. This is not only for scrapbookers, but anyone who wants to share photos in a creative way. You just need to upload your photos to the site and then you can let the fun begin. One option that you have on the site is to create greeting cards. This … Continue reading

Keeping Your Teen Safe on the Web

Since we can’t keep our children on a leash, a concerned parent has to teach her children basic safety rules: don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing, etc. Teaching them the value of, and the reasons for thinking ahead to prevent danger, is perhaps the most important help we can give them as they advance towards the inevitable: adulthood. The same applies for safety on the internet. There are a number of aids you can use to prevent your teen from gaining access to sites and experiencing situations on the web that would best be avoided. Microsoft has … Continue reading