Is Your Future Home – Based Business in the Wedding Industry?

If you are thinking about starting a home – based business, it might be a good time to think about whether you might want to become a wedding planner, florist, wedding photographer, caterer, baker, or any other type of professional whose wares are part of the wedding industry. While many weddings take place during the warmer months, brides and grooms to be are keeping busy during the winter months by planning their dream weddings. Also, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that there will soon be many newly engaged couples shopping around for all things wedding related. … Continue reading

Is Alzheimer’s a Reason to Get Divorced?

To the shock of many (myself included), last week televangelist Pat Robertson (of “The 700 Club”) made a shocking statement. He was asked about a man who started seeing another woman after his wife had developed Alzheimer’s. Robertson’s response was that it’s okay to get divorced and start all over again. There are two reasons this doesn’t sit well with many people. The first is that Pat Robertson is a Christian, so you would assume that he believes in and follows the scriptures, which clearly indicate that God hates divorce. The second is that out the window go the vows … Continue reading

Mediation While Married

Here’s an interesting concept….a divorce hotel. Apparently this is a venture created by a Dutch entrepreneur, where couples can stay in a luxury hotel and in just three days end their marriage without a lawyer. They come to terms through mediation. There is an interesting thing about mediation when you are divorcing. I can’t help but think if any couple is able to successfully pull this off, why can’t they do the same while married and then stay married? I can never understand those stories where couples get along great after they have split up. Or sometimes you even hear … Continue reading

Please Just Listen

Sometimes the worst thing you can possibly say to someone is “I know exactly what you mean” and then launch into the reason that you know exactly what they mean. It’s never the same and when you are a single mother and your married friends say they know how it feels because their husband works too much or isn’t involved enough with the kids, it seems to negate what you go through on a regular basis. So many times I’ve been talking with a married friend and I’m frustrated at having to do this alone so I need to vent … Continue reading

Disagreements in Parenting

One area that is well-known to be a source of contention for many married couples is the raising of the children. Oftentimes couples come from different types of homes and take from that into their own parenting. If the couple has a completely different idea on how to raise the children, this can cause strife that lasts for years. It can also become part of the reason that a marriage falls apart. Surprisingly, this has not been a huge issue for my husband and me. Despite our vastly different upbringing, we have gone into our parenting with the same mindset. … Continue reading

Getting Away With Your Spouse

It has been a very long time since my husband and I have gotten away together…without kids. So a few months ago we began planning for our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. Our destination was Maine. We looked at cottages to stay in, entertainment (such as whale watching) and thought about eating our favorite food, seafood (only much fresher). We dreamed about stepping into the ocean. It was going to be a very romantic getaway. We even planned the dates we would go and my husband began looking at airfare. But then as the months began to pass by, medical bills … Continue reading

The Superhero and the Damsel

Does your man feel like a superhero? Like he can do anything in your eyes? If you think about it, men like to believe they are conquerors. They like to be viewed as someone who can go above and beyond your expectations. They want to be seen as strong, the one who comes to the rescue. My husband does this in a number of ways. He can open any jar, fix just about anything in our house and can find solutions to virtually any problem. If he could don a cape, I think he might. While most men like to … Continue reading

Relationship Hero

How do you resolve conflicts with your in-laws? We have tried many different techniques to solve the relationship problems with my in-laws. The problems are not only with the mother in law or father in law but also with my husband’s siblings. The general consensus is that I am the whole problem, that his family has never done anything wrong. They say I am too sensitive and basically have mind control over my husband making him think and feel the way he does. It is both insulting and flattering that they think I am that powerful. I feel bad for … Continue reading

Combating Stress with Fitness

How do you handle stress? What do you turn to? While some may turn to junk food, the television or shopping…others are learning that the best way to not only combat stress but even help prevent it is through exercise. Stress management is something many of us could learn today. Life is coming at us in all directions and it can easily cause us to feel overwhelmed and sucked under. It can also lead to serious health problems. So learning how to combat stress is the best way to stay healthy. If you engage in regular physical activity, you are … Continue reading

The Ebb and Flow of Marriage

Like the tides that ebb and flow, so do marriages…seasons and times where things go down but then come back up again. Sometimes these ups and downs are caused by real troubles in life. It could be a job change, sickness, financial difficulties, rebellious children and other family problems. When life is on an even keel then we might feel like our marriage is flowing along smoothly. But there are other times in our marriage when the ebb and flow isn’t caused by obvious life challenges. Sometimes we go through moments in our marriage when we allow feelings to dictate … Continue reading