Destination Weddings: Do or Don’t?

Writing about Disney Cruise Weddings/Vow Ceremonies made me think about destination weddings.  Given that I wanted my wedding to be as small and simple as possible, it’s difficult for me to relate to those interested in having a destination wedding. For me, the concept only seems to make sense if the bride or the groom actually hails from the area in which they’re getting married.  Maybe he or she was born abroad, or on the other side of the country.  It’s one thing to ask your guests to spend a lot on travel expenses just because you want to get … Continue reading

Predetermining Choices

Are you trying to predetermine your child’s choices and interests? That’s something I see happening in families. It’s something I’ve had happened in my life. When I was going into high school I had a choice. I could either take geography or history. My mother convinced me to take geography because she hated history. I did and have regretted it ever since. That’s one case but it happens all the time. Then there’s the young girl who was forced to learn ballet and play the piano when she had no interest or aptitude for either. Friends of ours were adamant … Continue reading

Big Wedding Versus Small Wedding

It seems that for a long time, big weddings were expected. Guest lists of 200 to 300 people with large elaborate receptions were the way to go. After all, it is your day, so why not celebrate? I used to love looking through bridal magazines at all of the beautiful over-the-top dresses, cakes, and favors and getting all of the great wedding advice for a large wedding. But with the economy changing, some people are discovering the joy in small weddings, too. Engaged couples may now find that a large wedding with all of the trimmings is seen as ostentatious, … Continue reading

Planning a Wedding- Part 3

Part 3 of wedding planning is here Wedding Dress If you are getting it made you will need to have it organized early. Some dressmakers and companies will tell you 7 months are not long enough so a lot depends on how long the engagement is. Or you might decide to buy one ready made. I did this when I married. I saw a dress I loved that was a bit different. I tried it on. It needed only minor alterations. It wasn’t expensive. I lay-byed it – the first dress I tried on. A friend hired her wedding dress. … Continue reading

Planning a Wedding – More Things to Consider

Yesterday we looked at some things to consider when planning a wedding. Here are others. Venue Church, garden, beach or registry office- it’s really up to the bride and groom. After all, it’s their wedding. They are the two who have to be happy with it. It depends on the kind of wedding they want. We’ve been to weddings in church, at a lake where the bride and groom was ultra casual in shorts and swimmers, in a garden, and at the beach. If you’re having it outdoors, you’ll need a back up plan if it rains, so make sure … Continue reading

Planning a Wedding – Things to Consider

Reading the forums recently it seems some people are planning weddings and looking for ideas. Here are some things to think about. These are not from our wedding – that was way too long ago. But from our daughter’s wedding and other recent weddings. 1. Guests The number of guests and how to accommodate them all is often an issue. What follows is a good solution. When our daughter was married they had a garden wedding. The garden did have a marquee available if it was needed, but it was a brilliantly sunny day. I’m sure a lot of prayer … Continue reading

A Unique and Memorable Wedding Gift

Some people come up with great ideas for weddings. This is one of them, which was planned and put together at least six months before the wedding by the mother of the bride. As soon as she knew the wedding date, the mother of the bride contacted all members of the family and asked them for their favorite recipe. The plan was each person would have an A4 page on which they were encouraged to print their favorite recipe, whether it was for main meal, dessert, cakes etc. After each person had printed out the recipe they were asked to … Continue reading

Weddings: Putting All That Planning Into Perspective

I’m conducting an experiment. Want to be a part of it? I’m trying to figure out how important all that wedding preparation ends up being. I got the idea back when my mom moved in with us earlier this year. I had to clean out the closet in what became her room so she’d have a place to hang her clothes. I ended up finding several wedding-related items. My wedding dress was in there. I knew it was in one of the closets, but if you’d asked me which one I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I also … Continue reading

If I Had To Do My Wedding All Over Again…

Was your wedding absolutely perfect? Or do you ever think, now that you’re older and wiser, that there might be some things you’d do differently if you had it to do all over again? I’d do a couple of things differently. The Date When it came to picking a date, I really didn’t put much thought into it. I know at one point I’d thought maybe May 15 might be a good date, because that was the first day we met. However, we ended up rushing matters thanks to Wayne’s aunt. (Who I adore, make no mistake.) If it wasn’t … Continue reading

Holiday Weddings

Planning a wedding can be difficult for some people. There are many preparations and ideas to consider about your wedding. While the location is a major component, the time of year is also very important to many people. Some people like to plan their wedding around a holiday or special time of the year. They feel that the timing adds meaning to their marriage and wedding. Other people prefer for their wedding to be the only special event at the time. They want their wedding to stand out and be separate from other special events. If you do decide that … Continue reading