Reflections on a Weekend

From Left to Right: Beth Terrell, Chester Campbell, J.B. Thompson, me, Bente Gallagher How was your weekend? Did you and your spouse do anything interesting? Was it the same old routine? Or did you spend a nice, simple weekend together? Wayne and I had sort of had a combo weekend. One the one hand it was sort of just nice and simple. But there was some excitement too. Southern Festival of Books This past weekend was the Southern Festival of Books, which is put on by Humanities Tennessee. It draws over 200 authors from around the U.S. who participate in … Continue reading

Discipline During the Week, Wild on the Weekends?

If you’re good during the week, it’s okay to be bad on the weekends, right? Your weekend behavior may be sabotaging your hard work — like exercise, eating right, and living healthy — during the week. Here are some tips to help keep your weekends healthy AND rewarding. Entertaining requires eating, right? Wrong! Plan an activity between meals so you can see your friends and be social without involving food. Eating with friends can make a person eat up to fifty percent more than they would alone. A tough week deserves a weekend splurge, right? Right — just splurge wisely. … Continue reading

My Frugal Weekend Report: September 29-30, 2007

How are you? Did you have a good weekend? Was it very frugal? Thanks for coming along with me for my journey into trying to save more and spend less, especially on the weekends, when there is a lot of temptation for us to spend money in our family. So how did we do this past weekend? See for yourself. We spent the week really buckling down. In anticipation of having to make a long drive in and out of New York City on Saturday, we saved our gas by not doing any errands or trips during the week, with … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking Weekend Preparations (2)

In honor of my upcoming freezer cooking weekend, I thought I’d take some time to share the preparation process up until the cooking day. I am hoping it will be helpful to you to see the steps that one must take to prepare. It takes a little bit of time, but is so worth it at the end. We’re at the new shopping list point. After you have scratched off your original list with the items you have on hand, it is now to re-write the list. You are only writing down the items you need to purchase at the … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking Weekend Preparations (1)

his coming weekend is another freezer cooking weekend for me. We have been in preparations for the past couple of days. I thought I’d give you a look into what my days look like in preparation and then actually doing the freezer cooking meals. I always thought it was funny that they called it freezer cooking, since it sounds like I’m cooking with my freezer, which is in no way what I am doing. In fact, I actually like the term Once a Month Cooking, because unless you do it less frequently or more often, it is the correct term. … Continue reading

Solutions for A Frugal Weekend

I tried to have a frugal weekend, did you? Did you spend or save this weekend? Share your experiences at the end of this post! As usual, we tried to be very frugal this past weekend. Weekends are usually the tough days for frugality for my family. We are out running around doing errands, and the temptation to spend money can lead to some very non frugal choices. In fact, it is pretty easy to spend, spend, spend. But here are some of the spending opportunities that we experience along with out solutions. Some of the temptations on the weekend … Continue reading

Album in a Weekend

Creating an album in a weekend, is much easier than completing an album in a day. Some scrapbookers spend most of their time dedicating themselves to getting an entire album done in one single weekend. Sometimes this is because their schedules are so busy that they only have time to scrapbook on the weekends. Other times it is because that particular scrapbooker works best when they are organized and keep everything simple and clean. Tips to completing an album in one weekend: Papers and cardstock, as well as added embellishments should be kept simple, and only two or three colors … Continue reading

Does Your State Offer a Tax Free Holiday?

Does your state offer a tax free holiday? This event is typically the first weekend in August, seemingly because it is shortly before the beginning of the school year but does vary from state to state. A sales tax holiday allows shoppers to purchase clothing and shoes, and some other items, and save money by not paying sales tax. Each year this holiday becomes a bigger event as more and more people figure out it’s a terrific way to save a little money and not have to pay the government too. However, it’s important not to assume that every purchase … Continue reading

Spring Forward to Action 30-Day Challenge – Day 21: Crash & Rest Day

Good morning! How are you feeling today? We’re in the home stretch now. With just a little over a week to go and only 8 more days of fitness training, the Spring Forward to Action 30 Day Challenge is nearing it’s completion. How are you doing? Are you meeting your goals? Would you like to see something different? Share your thoughts. I’m eager to know. For those of you who are curious about May, we’re already getting set up here for a new six week program that will carry us into the Sizzling Summer — for now, consider it the … Continue reading