Exercise and Diet Together Help Weight Loss

Thinking about losing some weight? You’ve probably found tons of advice that suggests how to do that. Some of it might contradict the other pieces of advice. Those of you who are confused about what the best plan for weight loss is may want to consider what a recent study found. It turns out you need to focus on both exercise and diet together. A Stanford study about weight gain and obesity was making the rounds on the internet recently. The lead author of the study was Dr. Uri Ladabaum, a Stanford gastroenterologist. In short, he describes the results as … Continue reading

Overcoming Roadblocks

When it comes to fitness, there are all kinds of roadblocks that can try to deter us from what we are attempting to accomplish.  Whether it’s losing weight, toning up or just becoming more active…there is always something ready to stand in the way of our efforts. Let’s consider some of the common roadblocks that we face.  The first is getting started.  Believe it or not, many people struggle with starting an exercise program or regime. Not knowing where to start can prevent some people from doing anything at all.  They feel stuck and so they remain there (after all, … Continue reading

The Link Between Housework and a Woman’s Figure

A new study published this month is showing that women, whether they work outside the home or not, are burning fewer calories on a daily basis, and the reason seems to be housework, or the lack of it. The comparisons are being made between women in 1965 and women in 2010. It found that women who do not work outside the home burned, on average, 360 fewer calories per day compared to their 1965 counterparts. Women working outside of the home were burning about 132 fewer calories in 2010 than their counterparts did in 1965. In 1965, the average at-home … Continue reading

Is the “Special K” Challenge For You?

Have you ever taken the “Special K” challenge?  I did a few years ago, back when the only real good cereal was their red berries.  Since then, numerous other kinds of low-fat cereals have been developed, including blueberry and fruit & yogurt (my personal favorite). I can tell you that I did have success with this challenge.  However, there is a downfall to it, which I will share at the end. So how does the challenge work?  You eat two servings of the cereal everyday, along with just half a cup of low-fat milk.  You can do this for either … Continue reading

I went for a run…..a donut run.

After dropping off my oldest at school, I could no longer resist the urge. I headed for donuts. I knew I would have full support of the rest of the kids at home. I may even win mom of the year walking through the door with sprinkled donuts in hand. I have a bit more refined palette so I go for the mega deluxe cream filled donut. The breakfast of champions! Yes, I did feel kinda guilty about this whole donut run. Who needs a 20 grams of fat or more in one little sugar snack anyway? I also have … Continue reading

Stop Exercising to Lose Weight

I have mentioned this before, probably a few times, so forgive me for beating a dead horse, but I remember my husband once telling me that weight loss was not a good goal.  I thought he was crazy.  I mean what goal could be loftier than fitting into my little black dress?  I rebuffed his crazy comments and went on dancing to the oldies in the living room.  You know what?  I never lost an ounce.  I gave up.  I grew sick of the disappointment of dieting all week, exercising and seeing little results and still too much peeking out of my … Continue reading

Negative Consequences of Yo-Yo Dieting

Most of us know that yo-yo dieting (losing weight, gaining weight, losing again, gaining again) isn’t good for your health.  Studies in the past have suggested that it could lead to gallbladder disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure. It may also have a negative psychological impact, such as leading to depression.  It can actually decrease your motivation and make you feel that weight loss will never happen. According to new research by Wake Forest University, in postmenopausal women yo-yo dieting may actually increase the risk of developing heart disease.  One of the things that can happen is that although blood … Continue reading

Tips for Beginners

It’s a New Year.  Are you ready to embrace a new you?  It starts with getting off your duff, no matter how tired you are from staying up last night or how stuffed your belly feels from all the goodies you ate. There is always a good reason to not start.  But there are even better reasons for why you should. There is something about immediately starting off the New Year right…taking those first steps (no matter how small) toward your goal of becoming a fitter person.  So even if that means you take a 10 minute walk, something is … Continue reading

Out With the Old, In With the New

This is it…are you ready?  Out with the old and in with the new.  It’s that time of year again.  It’s a New Year with new beginnings to look forward to, new goals to set and a new you to strive for. But before we can really charge ahead, we need to look back.  What did the year 2012 bring to you in the way of fitness and health?  Was it filled with stress, sleepless nights and backaches? Did you find yourself doing battle with the scale?  Was your exercise program nothing more than a noble attempt?  Or was it … Continue reading

4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Resolution

As I blogged yesterday, my New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight – again.  The thing about making weight loss a resolution is that so many people do it (especially after all those holiday pounds!), but many fail to follow through. What can you do to keep your resolution?  There are a few hints from psychologist John Norcross on how to keep those resolutions: Believe it can be done. That’s right – don’t let the haters keep you down, saying “You can’t do that.”  Believe in yourself that you can succeed. Be realistic. I am never going to weigh 120 … Continue reading