More Must-Have Items to Pack When Traveling with Children

Yesterday I raved about a cheap toy that is essential to have when visiting the beach with young children. The 99-cent rubber duck was a priceless commodity on our family’s recent trip to Hawaii. So what other basic, but often overlooked items should you also consider packing before you head off on your next family trip? Take a look: INFLATABLE TOYS Not only are they affordable, but they are also a cinch to pack. What’s more, if they get played with a half dozen times you’ve probably got your money’s worth and you won’t feel bad leaving them behind before … Continue reading

Scrapbook Items to Pack for Vacations

Vacation Preparations Creating a scrapbook of a special vacation can be such a fun project. You can make creating this album much easier on yourself with a little planning before you leave. I would like to suggest a few things you will want to pack for your vacation that will help you create your album once you arrive home. Large plastic baggies. Pack enough baggies so that you will have one for each day you will be on vacation. Label and designate one baggie for each day you will be away. Each night when you return to your hotel, empty … Continue reading