Frugal Living Week In Review for April 23rd to April 29th, 2007

Once again, our three Frugal Living bloggers, filled the blog with over twenty five articles packed with money saving tips and advice. If you you have not visited the Frugal Blog lately, you really should! Monday April 23rd Once again, we started off our week with several terrific articles. Mary Ann gave us Save Money Now! Living Frugally in 10 Minutes or Less, which provides some easy to do tips, to save money with very little effort! She also asked What Did You Pay For Milk In April? which takes a look at the rising costs of milk. These articles … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week In Review For April 23rd to April 29th, 2007

It has been another week full of great organization tips and ideas. It is important to find a place for everything, to make your scrapbooking time, more productive. I hope these articles brought you a lot of useful information and creative ideas for your storage and organizational needs. I would very much like to hear from you, to find out what types of needs you might have. I have dozens of ideas, and cannot include them in every article, so please, feel free to ask! Monday April 23rd Monday kicked off our week with an article on Reusing Old Photo … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week In Review for April 9th to April 15th

The scrapbooking blog has one purpose, and that is to help you preserve your memories in the best way possible. This past week was no different as we took a look at many different aspects of scrapbooking. I tried to focus on a more budget friendly scrapbooking experience. Monday April 9th Monday kicked off with What Are You Forgetting To Photograph In Your Child’s Life, which was a reminder to what is important to document, and what maybe you have forgotten to capture on film. Sometimes we overlook simple moments. Tuesday April 10th In How To Use A Light Box … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review 3-22-07 thru 4-01-07

This week in scrapbooking kicked off with the anniversary celebrating my one year with in the scrapbooking blog. I took a look back at some of what was being talked about year ago, and took a back to basics approach to my articles this week. On Sunday, March 22, which was the actual anniversary, I showed you what was posted a year ago in A Year Of Scrapbooking. Many journaling related articles were posted at that time, and more were included throughout the year. Most scrapbookers and probably several non-scrapbookers know me as the Journaling Queen (amongst other creative … Continue reading