So You Want To Be a CK 2008 Hall of Fame Winner

It is that time of year again. The contest has begun for the 2008 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. If you have never been published, and always dreamed of having your layouts published, now might just be the time for you to get involved. If you need more inspiration and help, the December issue of Creating Keepsakes will be filled with some. This is traditional and will help your entries thrive. There are so many different rules to adhere to. In light of the latest CK controversy, please be sure that your entries for Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame are … Continue reading

People Want to Back a Winner

I often draw on my nearly two decades of experience working in nonprofit management and fund development as I work with other types of businesses and focus on my own business. One of the lessons I learned early on is that people do not like to give money to an organization or project they think is struggling and/or failing. It is only rarely that it works for an organization to go out and tell the public that they are losing money and the doors will be closed if donors don’t quickly cough up the funds to keep the doors open. … Continue reading