Winter Safety Tips

Winter weather can be very serious. Several parts of the United States regularly experience freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow every winter. This kind of weather may look pretty in photos, but it can be dangerous to have to live in and deal with. Here are some winter safety tips that can help keep you, and your family, safe this winter. Snow Removal Safety The National Safety Council (NSC) has some safety tips regarding snow removal. They advise that people who are over the age of 40, and who are relatively inactive, should be especially careful when shoveling snow. … Continue reading

Three Ways We Lower Winter Energy Costs

We have been experiencing some pretty cold weather here, with slow, sleet and wintry wind chills that make it dangerous to be outside, unprotected, for any length of time. Naturally, as we use more energy to heat our home, our costs for this month (and the next few) will be higher than normal. A couple of years ago, we installed new energy-efficient windows and insulated the attic and the basement, two moves that really helped our bills. Still, each year, there are some simple methods that can be used to reduce the winter energy costs even more. They don’t require … Continue reading

Winter Inspiration

Old Man Winter is relentless.  As if the bitter cold weren’t enough, now we’re dealing with a wicked ice storm that’s threatening to bring our city to a standstill. Of course, as I sit here and complain about our latest round of putrid weather, there are likely some people loving every minute of it.  I suppose the ice is pretty to look at as the moonlight glistens off of its surface… provided that surface doesn’t belong to the power lines that help keep the lights on in my home. Believe it or not, I am not a winter hater.  I … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Busy Indoors

It has been breathtakingly cold outside this year. This year we have hit record low temperatures here in Utah, in fact, we had our first experience with freezing rain this week. These below freezing temperatures have got the kids cooped up inside all day, every day, and if they’re anything like mine, they’re starting to get a bad case of cabin fever! But don’t worry, we’re here to save the day, because we have lots of ideas to keep kids happy indoors and out! Something Logan and I have decided to do this year is to make a list of … Continue reading

Winter With Toddlers

I have always enjoyed winter in New England. When I was a child, I enjoyed building snowmen in my parents’ back yard and going sledding on some really fun hills. As I got older, I learned to ski and then to snowboard. Sure, it can get cold here, but the snow is only around for a few months and there is plenty of fun to be had before it all melts away. When my first son was born, I knew that that winter would be a difficult one. It was November, so that meant that my baby would be rather … Continue reading

Growing Greens In the Winter

After the rush of holiday eating, you may feel a deep-seated urge to go and eat something green. I know I do! But if you’re on a budget or want super local, fresh-picked greens in the middle of the winter, that’s impossible, right? Not quite. Here are a few ideas to keep you in the greens this winter. Sprouting This fall, I’ve enjoyed sprouting my own goodies for salads. For many years, I tried to sprout, only to be rewarded with mucky, mildewy, not-at-all-edible sprouts. Yes, I washed them according to all of the schedules, but they just didn’t work. … Continue reading

Saving Up Winter’s Bounty

We don’t often think of winter and bounty in the same thought, but there is plenty of winter bounty, if you know where to look. Make sure you gather and store your extra blessings now to help you get through the rest of the year. Gift Cards A bounty of gift cards may fall in your lap as presents from friends and family, as well as promotions and thank you gifts from local businesses. It is also true that gift cards are easy to misplace or forget about. Keep all of your gift cards together (I used a small box … Continue reading

A Coat for Your Pregnant Belly

If it’s more than just a little bit cold out where you live, and if you are having trouble zipping or buttoning your winter coat as your pregnancy progresses, you may be wondering what to do. Since there is quite a bit more winter still to come, you need something to keep you warm. However, maternity coats can be quite expensive. Even though you may get over heated more easily than usual now that you are pregnant, going out in winter temperatures with only a sweater may not be enough to keep you warm. Trust me – during both of … Continue reading

Get Set to Ski

The West Coast has been hammered by a series of storms causing widespread property damage.  Still, there is a silver lining for some enduring Mother Nature’s wrath.  In Lake Tahoe, nearly 30 inches of fresh snow has fallen, allowing ski resorts there to open early.  Likewise, Utah’s Wasatch Range has already received more than 4 feet of snow prompting Alta, Brighton, Solitude and Snowbird to open for business. If you are a snow bunny, Old Man Winter’s early arrival is fantastic news.  Many of the nation’s major ski destinations are hoping the snow and cold sticks around for a while … Continue reading

Caring for Pets in Cold Weather

In June I posted about the dangers of heatstroke for animals. Now that we’ve entered the opposite extreme of seasonal weather, I’d like to take a look at ways to keep our pets safe when it’s cold outside. The ASPCA has a list of several things to remember when looking after pets in the winter. Just as leaving a dog in the car is dangerous in the heat the same is true in the cold. Especially when it isn’t sunny outside, cars trap the cold and can drop to dangerous freezing temperatures. If you must leave your pet in the … Continue reading