Get More Bang for Your Vacation Buck

Old Man Winter is unleashing a cruel smackdown on the Upper Midwest. If daytime high temperatures in the single digits don’t make you want to book a tropical escape, then northern Wisconsin may be the perfect place for you to call home. For the rest of the rest of us, the thought of luxuriating in a climate that doesn’t call for 17 layers of clothes is much more appealing. Fortunately, there are warm weather vacation destinations that don’t require going into debt to visit.  For example, sunny San Diego, California, is providing visitors with multiple opportunities to get more bang … Continue reading

A Whale of a Good Time

There’s no better time than now to get up close and personal with some of the most awe-inspiring creatures on planet earth.  Whale watching season is officially underway in California.  Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to view the massive aquatic mammals as they complete their annual migration. From now through early April you can watch as tens of thousands of gray whales come within a few miles of the San Diego coast on their 5,000-mile southern voyage.  The following family-friendly options are available for kids of all ages to witness the peaceful giants of the … Continue reading

Warm-Up Winter Driving Skills

  Winter Driving Tip #1:  Don’t use the wind as an alternative to snow brushes and ice scrapers.  Get off your lazy behind and remove the snow from your car before you hit the highway. So, yeah, the meteorologists were right.  We got dumped on a couple of days ago.  The first significant snowfall of the season and now drivers in these parts are being forced to warm-up their winter driving skills after a long hibernation. Unfortunately, many motorists I followed yesterday morning must have overslept or couldn’t remember where they stored their brushes because I got pummeled with sheets … Continue reading

Escape to the Tropics

While the rest of the world is decking the halls and making merry in the snow and cold, you could be lounging under cobalt blue skies with a tropical libation in hand toasting the sun and warm temperatures. Escape to paradise this winter without breaking the bank.  It’s possible if you time take advantage of the money-saving deals being offered at the following sunny locales: Jamaica:  From now through Christmas you can score hotel rooms for less than $170 per night at most resorts in Jamaica. and Expedia are featuring nearly a dozen discounted rates which allow you to … Continue reading

Ways to Escape Old Man Winter

More than 54 inches of snow has fallen on our city so far this winter. Add that to the dozen or so days when the windchill readings were 20 to 50 degrees below zero (forcing schools and businesses to close), countless winter storm watches, and a blizzard warning, and you’ve got a weather pattern that has made even the heartiest Wisconsinite wish Old Man Winter would take a hike. Personally, I can’t wait to escape these bone-chilling temperatures and spend some quality time with my family in Hawaii. And I can’t tell you how many people have begged me to … Continue reading

Winter Family Fun in Chicago

In my previous blog I listed some of the spectacular outdoor activities that await you in Chicago this winter. I failed to mention that the city also offers a host of family friendly events for those of you who can only tolerate the cold for a short period of time (that would be me). I can’t stand the cold (being born and raised in Hawaii does that to a person), but my love for Chicago outweighs my distaste for Mother Nature’s brutal winter assault so my family makes the trip no matter what the weather. We just stick to the … Continue reading

Winter Vacations in Chicago

If you like your winters cold then Chicago is your kind of town. I happen to love the Windy City (no matter what season), but I realize there are many travelers who would prefer a week in Hawaii to seven days in a chilly midwestern metropolis. Those people don’t know what they are missing. Of course, the beauty of so many people having that mindset is that traffic is lighter, lines at attractions are shorter, you don’t have to wait for a seat at area restaurants, shops are not packed and area hotels offer incredible winter deals those willing to … Continue reading

More Ski Resorts with Bonus Amenities

In my previous blog I touched on an issue many large families deal with when deciding where to take the entire clan on vacation–—finding a spot where everyone’s needs are met. It’s not always an easy task, especially in the winter when half your family might be dreaming of jetting off to a tropical locale while the other half is looking forward to shooshing down the slopes on fresh powder. If you have been reading my blogs on a regular basis then you know that a number of ski resorts are offering outstanding deals this month and next. If you … Continue reading

An Avalanche of Ski Deals

There’s no question ski bunnies will be taking to the slopes this weekend, especially in California where last week’s massive storm dumped a few feet of fresh snow on the mountain ranges. There’s about three feet of snow sitting on my aunt and uncle’s lawn in Lake Tahoe. They report that there is no shortage of the white stuff and certainly no shortage of skiers who are looking to tear down the snow covered hills. Ski resorts are having a field day and not just in California. Mother Nature has been generous to resort owners around the world and in … Continue reading

The Alaska-Hawaii Vacation Swap

As I prepare for my family’s annual trip to Hawaii I can’t help but think of the thousands of Alaska residents who are doing the same right about now. Each year around this time the annual winter exodus from the 49th state to the 50th state occurs and the land of Aloha gets a boost from its northern neighbors. Growing up in Hawaii it seemed a way of life that during the winter Alaska residents invaded the state and in the summer thousands of island locals headed north on fishing expeditions and to whale watch. The winter exodus from Alaska … Continue reading