Scrapbooking Withdrawal and How I Conquered It

First I would like to say it is really nice to be back and cozy with my family at I have missed you all while I took a break in November to get some writing done and other projects. I am happy to be back and look forward to sharing some all new and fun articles to get you on your scrapbooking way. Now, onto the bigger statement at hand. I suffered from Scrapbooking Withdrawal during all the time. I had absolutely no spare minutes to spend doing one of the things I love to do most. So I … Continue reading

Day 5: My Throat Hurts and My Sinuses Hate Me

But I am doing moderately well in the cravings department. I saw someone having a cigarette last night and I didn’t want it. That actually surprised me – and what surprised me even more was that I didn’t feel the urge to light up and it never came the whole time I was standing there. Now I’ll grant you, at one point yesterday, I looked at my husband and I said – “Well, I’m not dying for a cigarette.” And he said, “Nope, you’re just dying.” He wasn’t far wrong. I was so congested yesterday I felt like I had … Continue reading