What If You’re Not Pregnant?

(Excuse me while I go all “philosophical” on you.) You’ve spent the last week swinging back and forth between feelings of anticipation and feelings of dread. One minute you’re looking at baby shoes with a heart full of hope; the next minute you’re gripped with disappointment, trying to convince yourself you are not pregnant so you don’t get your hopes up. The truth is, in your mind, you are neither pregnant nor not pregnant. You are in limbo; you simply don’t know. You are aware that limbo cannot exist when it comes to pregnancy, but you are too uncomfortable with … Continue reading

Reduce Your Stress for Your Baby’s Health

Recent research conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical Center revealed that stress during pregnancy increases the child’s risk for asthma. Stress in the mother triggers an immune response, evidenced in the cord blood collected at birth, possibly later heightening their response to inhaled antigens. It stands to reason, therefore, that reducing stress during pregnancy can only have a positive effect on both the baby and the mother. Most of us immediately want to remove the source of the stress. Sometimes it is simple enough as hiring a babysitter for a few hours or telling someone to mind … Continue reading

Are You Guilty of Hyper-Parenting?

As if we needed yet another label to slap on parents who are actively involved in their children’s lives… Introducing… the Hyper-Parent. No cape involved, just a well-used minivan that has accrued thousand of miles from carting kids to football, gymnastics, ballet, swimming, tennis, art, soccer, hockey, karate, piano, and foreign language classes. A decade ago these types of parents were considered “pushy” for over scheduling their offspring. But these days they’re considered “hyper,” though the definitions of each are quite similar. The criticism is pretty much the same too. Rather than applaud these moms and dads for taking an … Continue reading

Worrying Doesn’t Help

I know this is a cliché, after all, how many times have you been told to stop worrying because worrying does not help the situation? We’ve all heard it a thousand times and yet, many of us find ourselves right back here in the pit of worry. As a parent, particularly, it can be tough to break the worry habit. I am learning, however, that there are some constructive things I can do when I start to feel myself wrestling with worry… Here what happens when I get into a state of worry—not only do I give into feeling stress … Continue reading