Creating a School Year Scrapbook

Education is our future. Our children are in school an enormous part of their young lives. Learning and growing right before our eyes, and if we blink, we will miss it. So how do you go about scrapbooking those important years? Create a school year scrapbook and add it to it each year. With five children, creating a school year scrapbook was an easy and necessary decision. We take so many photographs and attend so many events during the school year, there was just no possible way to include it all in our regular albums. At least not on individual … Continue reading

Gift Shopping Year Round

It is a sure bet you have heard this from me before, and it is a sure bet you will hear it from me again. Shopping for birthdays, and holidays is expensive, especially when it is last minute and not planned. So rectify that by shopping for gifts year round. Several department stores host clearance sales several times a year. This is a terrific time to stock up on gifts for any occasion. Candles, vases, candy dishes, plates, bowls and other household items are marked down as much as 60-70%. These are the types of gifts that are perfect for … Continue reading