Another Year Of Scrapbooking 2

Yes, it has been one year since I joined in the scrapbooking section. A little over a week ago I posted A Year Of Scrapbooking which explained all that. Yesterday I began explaining what types of articles were being posted a year ago in Another Year Of Scrapbooking 1. This article is a coninuation of that one. One of my favorite topics is journaling. Probably because I am a writer, but beyond being a writer, I love going back and reading how I felt, what I was thinking and what we were doing in each group of photographs I … Continue reading

Another Year Of Scrapbooking 1

About a week ago, I posted an article inspired by my one year anniversary writing for the scrapbooking blog – A Year Of Scrapbooking. It was exciting to go back and see what interesting articles I was writing a year ago. Mostly about journaling on your layouts, but there were also some really great informative articles posted last year, that I wish I could duplicate, but instead I will just send you there to read them. Memorabilia: What To Collect was the start of a series of articles, that I feel I could write loads more on. There is … Continue reading

A Year Of Scrapbooking

It has been exactly one year today, March 22, since I began writing for the scrapbooking section here at It has been an amazing and awesome year. I have had the opportunity to watch the site change and grow in very large amounts, and I was in the second batch of bloggers hired. I have also seen myself grow and change in both style and layout design. I have met many new wonderful people, I have had the opportunity to try out many new scrapbooking products to review, and have made some really great lifelong friends here. I found … Continue reading