Buying a Super-Zoom Camera

To Super-Zoom or not to Super-Zoom? That is the question. In a previous blog I discussed the newest category of high performance digital cameras—-the Super-Zoom. The Super-Zoom or Ultra-Zoom has been hailed by pros as the “new digital product of the year.” Camera experts claim the Super-Zoom combines the best features of point-and-shoot cameras and digital SLRs and it is sold at a price that won’t break the bank. So where can you get your hands on one and how much will it set you back? I looked online and found two Super-Zooms that consistently got rave reviews and both … Continue reading

Knowing When to Zoom and Other Photo Tips

These days almost every digital camera on the market comes equipped with a zoom feature and a wide-angle feature. Both have their advantages, but you’ll find your pictures will benefit if you know which to employ at the appropriate time. Zoom. There is a basic rule my photography teacher drilled into me that I have never forgotten: zooming in flattens the depth of the photo, so the foreground and background are basically the same size. Wide-angle. In contrast, a camera’s wide-angle feature will expand the depth of the photo, enlarging the foreground and shrinking the background. Many times people zoom … Continue reading

The World’s Slimmest Digital Camera

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we have officially entered into the holiday gift buying season I thought it would be appropriate to write about one of the most popular digital cameras on the market today. If you are shopping for the perfect holiday present to give a family member or friend who enjoys taking pictures, but refuses to carry around a bulky camera and accompanying accessories then you might consider purchasing Casio’s new EXILIM Hi-ZOOM EX-V7. It is being touted as “the world’s slimmest digital camera with a 7X optical zoom lens.” The camera is as thin as a … Continue reading

Monday Photo Challenge – Up Close and Personal

I am thoroughly addicted to close-up photography. I love filling the entire frame with the subject, eliminating distracting background and really highlighting my subject matter. Each Monday, I post a challenge that you can choose to do, or you can choose not to do. It is up to you. My hope is that when you do the photo challenges, it is getting you to think outside the box, and obviously to take more photographs. I want you to truly play with your camera, get to know it better. I want you to try out new angles, lighting techniques and more. … Continue reading

How To Get a Great Photo (part one)

Photos are the most important aspect of scrapbooking! You will hear me preach, over and over again, to do these tips I have listed. These are the tips I use everyday when I’ve got camera in hand. You are sure to get some amazing shots, if you concentrate, spend time practicing, and don’t get discouraged by the poor quality of a picture or two. First, let me discuss the film. I am not going to recommend any one name brand film, as I use them all. I use film speed 400 for everyday photos most of the time. There is … Continue reading