Taking the Plunge – Part 2: Going the Direct Mail Route

In my last blog entry, I discussed the types of things to keep in mind when applying for work online. But, what if you intend to draw the majority of your client base from your local community? What is the best way for letting others know that you are open for business?

There are probably very few home business owners who haven’t turned to direct mail at one time or another. Perhaps it is an initial mailing to announce the opening of your business or something that is done later on in an effort to cultivate more clients. Whatever your reason – or timing – direct mail can be a terrific tool, provided it is used correctly.

So, what should you keep in mind when developing your own direct mail campaign? Here are some ideas:

Stand Out: It will probably cost a little more, but consider using bright colors or odd sizes for your mailing. This will help your piece to stand out from the dozens of other pieces of direct mail your potential clients might receive and in the process, increase the chance of you being considered for work.

Use a Professional: Consider using the services of a professional graphic designer to help you design your direct mail piece. A clever logo, eye-catching images and a sharply designed direct mail piece will draw more attention than one created using the templates contained within most desktop publishing packages.

Follow-up: Your direct mail campaign should not end when the piece is delivered to the post office, instead, you should plan to make a follow-up telephone call approximately one week after you anticipate it being delivered. This will help to keep your name in the forefront of your potential client’s mind and will increase the chance that you will be called should the need arise.

Give it a Personal Touch: Taking the time to hand address your direct mail as well as using postage stamps rather than running the piece through a postage meter are two ways to lend a personal touch to your mailing.

Remember, your direct mail piece is the vehicle through which you will be introducing yourself to potential customers. Taking the time – and expense – needed to make a good first impression will likely help you to turn those potential clients into long-term relationships.

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