Taming Your Toddler

Recently my moms’ group hosted one of its informational luncheons. I wanted to get there early so I could try to get a highchair for Baby E. Daddy couldn’t find the second booster seat so I had to take the one that lives in the garage and hope for a highchair. I was so lucky; I got a high chair. Baby E sat in the high chair and Jessie in the booster seat. We had a table with a lot of good friends. Too bad the restaurant was having a bad day. My burger, which is usually the best, was burnt and all the fish smelled very fishy.

The speaker at our luncheon was someone I’ve heard before. One of the group leaders asked if we would have come to hear her regardless of topic. I think all the ladies there said yes. The topic was Taming Your Toddler. I have two toddlers now and one especially would do well with some taming.

I was happy to hear her views on toddler taming as well feel like I wasn’t alone in toddler exasperation. We learned that time-out is more than a break for mommy. Time-out should be a time for the toddler to calm down, reflect, and pull herself together. My 1-2-3 Magic book says the same thing.

This speaker, like many others, advocates immediately leaving when a tantrum happens in public. I don’t agree with this. I feel it teaches the child that she controls where we are and when. It would punish me more than the child.

The biggest thing I took away is that toddlers need a lot of protein. Turkey and hummus are the suggested foods. I’m adding more protein to Jessie’s diet and hoping she’ll sleep better. Maybe if she sleeps better, she’ll break down less.