Taylor Swift the Prude


What does it say about our society when a celebrity is getting bashed for apparently not “putting out” often enough?  Teen heartthrob Harry Styles from One Direction has had enough of Taylor Swift’s prudish ways and is moving on.

Yet a current events television show was making fun of her.  Personally, I would like to applaud her.  But I would go even further and give her a standing ovation if she could say that she was saving herself for marriage.

I know…that is so old-fashioned, right?  Virginity is outdated, right?

Actually, the concept of virginity seems to only be okay if it’s being made fun of.  An example would be the movie, “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

I guess Taylor Swift just couldn’t keep up with ole Harry’s sexual prowess, his many encounters with women of all ages.  I say, “Good for her!”

Perhaps we all need to get back to health class and remember some of the important lessons learned.  Or at least the ones my teen daughter is currently being taught (and yes, in a public school).

They recently did an exercise where some students were assigned hugs.  You had to go and hug a designated person.  A handful of students weren’t assigned to hug anyone.

The teacher then created this chart on the board, showing who hugged who and how you were connected to those who had hugged the same person you did.  In other words, who you sleep with also includes others who had slept with that person.  The only ones that were really safe were the students who didn’t hug anyone.

It was a great visual for the students.  But it goes beyond the whole sexual encounter.  There is another part of your body involved that we don’t talk about enough…the heart.

What about the fact that for every person you are with, you are giving away a piece of your heart?  You can’t get it back.  You can try to piece things together but what’s done is done.

So is there really something wrong with Taylor Swift trying to uphold a wholesome reputation?  Not to me.  Not when I am raising children in a society where sexual activity has become a recreational sport.