Teach Children To Give

When I was a little girl and my parents gave me an allowance I was required to tithe ten percent to church. I dutifully put a dime in the tithe envelope and deposited the envelope in the offering plate in children’s church.

We advocate for children now by fostering. Jessie is learning to care for others less fortunate by sharing her home, parents, and possessions with them. When she has a better understanding of money, then we will start to instill in her more of a stewardship to help others.

There are opportunities all around us to help others. Start close to home. If your children are in school, ask the school for areas where it has a need. Work with your children attending the school to fill that need and then have the children present it to the school.

When natural disasters occur enlist the children to send necessary resources. There are many ways to get help to flooding, hurricane, earthquake, and tornado victims. Show the children the news and ask them how they’d like to help then follow through.

Angel trees at the holidays are always a good way to serve. Children will feel close to children and are usually eager to help other children. I suggest not keeping purchases around the house too long so the children don’t become confused. The children need to understand the reason for what you’re doing; if they’re fighting to keep the purchases, then reason is lost.

To build good stewards, you have to be good stewards. Leading by example is the best thing you can do for your children. When your children watch you consistently donate unused gently worn items, then they understand that others can benefit from things you’re not using anymore. Enlist their help in choosing things to give.