Teachers and Urinary Tract Infections

Teachers have a job that keeps them very busy throughout the day. Children, especially young children, cannot be left alone for any significant amount of time. Teachers usually get two breaks during the day. One break is for lunch and the other break is a planning period. Other than those two breaks, the teachers are typically left alone in the room to teach and care for the students.

Because a teacher’s day is so busy and hectic, teachers are usually not aware of their own personal needs. For example, teachers often eat quicker and drink less than those employees who have desk or computer jobs. Teachers also take fewer restroom breaks.

Although a teacher may be aware of the need to use the restroom, the thought may pass quickly due to the teacher being busy and involved in the class. Therefore, the rest rooming needs are not met.

There are many days that I go all day long without a restroom break. During my lunch break, I quickly eat my food. During my plan time there is always some chore that needs to be completed. Therefore, going to the restroom gets shoved to the back of the list.

Because teachers are bad to put off the needs that should be taken care of, using the restroom and drinking lots of fluids, many teachers end up with urinary tract infections. Many of these teachers are female.

Most doctors will admit that they see urinary tract infections as being very common in the teaching profession. They say that teachers do not take the time to drink water due to having to stop class and go the restroom (which there is little time to do).

As long as there are very active children and busy school teachers, the problem will likely not get better. However, teachers should keep a glass of water with them and make use of the break that they have.

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