Teaching Money to Kids

At a Glance:

Product:  Family Mint Money Management Certification Program

Ages:  10 and up.  You can begin as early as 6 year old if you use the website as well.

Use:  A family tool to teach children to how to handle money properly to ensure a secure financial future.

Duration:  2 months

Homeschool Method:  Any.  The program includes online resources and a workbook.  If you prefer the workbook only it is all inclusive and no internet needed.

Cost:  $29.99 as a special introductory offer for the 60 page workbook plus a lifetime subscription to FamilyMint Premium and online only for $24.99 a year or $4.95 a month.  Sign up for the 14 day FREE trial!

What is Family Mint?

Family Mint is a 2 month long certification course designed to teach life long money habits to get your kids off on the right foot financially.  The course consists of one 60 page workbook and online money management application.  The course teaches money management, savings plans, budgeting, how interest works, and life long money management skills.

Scary statistics:

  • 2 out of 3 high school seniors graduate without knowing the basics of budgeting
  • 18 to 24 year olds are the fastest growing age group filing for bankruptcy
  •  3/4 of high school seniors failed a financial literacy test administered by Jump Start Coalition.  Only 5% earned better than a C

Finances are learned in the home.  If you do not purposely teach your children about finances and saving money they will learn it by default.  How do you want them to handle a budget?  Do you want to teach them to save money?  Do your children know the difference between wants and needs?  Family Mint, provides a purposeful method of teaching your children how to properly handle finances.

What did we think?

Money makes the world go round.  Our children’s attitude about money will set them up for success or failure. Family Mint set the foundation to open up discussion and teach basic lessons about successfully saving and handling money. The course is easy and fun to teach and to learn.  My husband and I have made financial mistakes and we do not want to see our children making those same mistakes.  The best way to combat that is to increase their knowledge, exposure, and activity with money.  The online application allows children experience with budgeting and hitting goals. You do not need to use real money to achieve their increase of knowledge or to add to the fun.  It was interesting to see how “easy” it all seemed until wants and needs compared to income clashed. Important lessons are taught in failing.  Financial failure is best practiced under the guidance of a parent and without real money or consequences.  Kids learn quickly from their mistakes and gain confidence as they succeed in their goals.

Let’s face reality;  one day our children will move out into the real world.  They will need real world knowledge to survive. One of the most important skills  you can teach your child is how to handle money.  Family Mint should be a required course for all children by their parents before graduating high school.