The Advent Calendar Deals are Back!

December calendar ChristmasDecember is an excellent month to find interesting deals, offers, and freebies. Several different companies put together an “advent calendar” of sorts, where one special deal is offered each day. They start on the first day of December. Here’s a quick list of where to find “advent calendar” deals!

Starbucks is doing “12 Days of Gifting”. They started on December 1, 2012. To find the deals, visit the Starbucks website every day. Each day will have a new deal on stuff from Starbucks.

Caribou Coffee is doing “20 Deals for 20 Days”. They started on December 1, 2012. Every day, there will be a new deal on stuff from Caribou Coffee for you. You can find out about these daily deals three ways: Visit the Caribou Coffee website, go to their Facebook page and click “like”, or text BOU20 to 65017.

Chili’s is doing “Happy HoliDaily”. A new deal will appear every day. This started on December 1, 2012. The last day will be December 24, 2012. Each day has a downloadable coupon for stuff from Chili’s. Once the day is over, that day’s coupon deal will no longer be accessible.

Disney Channel is doing “Fa-La-La Lidays”. They started offering interesting Disney Channel related freebies on December 1, 2012. Return to their website every day for a new one. I’m certain that there will be some creative stuff for Disney Channel fans being offered.

On December 1, 2012, they had a free, downloadable, Phineas and Ferb pop up card, (which is still available). Last year, you could still get daily deal even after a particular day was over. It looks like Disney is doing it like that this year, too.

Amazon has “Fun, Festive, & Free Holiday Songs”. There will be 25 days of free Holiday songs for you to download. They started doing this on December 1, 2012. Each day, they will roll out 5 new free holiday songs for you to download.

Comics Should Be Good! is doing the 2012 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar. It started on December 1, 2012. The last day is December 24, 2012. This year, the theme is “Golden Age Christmas”. It showcases Christmas comic book stories from the Golden Age of Comics. You can read them, online, for free!

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