The Bath Time Circus

Giving my kids baths has always been a fun experience when they are babies. They love to splash and kick, the warm water soothes them, and my babies have all loved bath time. But, recently my little guy has become Trouble with a capital “T” at bath time. It is driving me a little crazy.

Gone are the days when he would just lay in the water, kick his legs and smile up at me happily. Now, he is a crazy man all over the place. He wants toys to entertain him (understandable since he sees his older siblings with them) and he won’t sit still for a second. But, lately, his worst habit is splashing.

While splashing may sound cute to most, I’m talking about the kind of splashing that leaves me more wet than he is. I stand up and my shirt is usually drenched. He finds it  hilarious. Especially since my 4 year old is usually taking a bath with him and can’t stop laughing when his splashing gets out of control.

Another problem we are having is just keeping him sitting down. He thinks he can stand up now and grab the faucet and play with it. Luckily it is a very old bathtub, and the knobs are too hard for him to turn. But, he has managed to learn how to pull the lever to turn the shower head off and on. Let’s just say that keeps things interesting.

While for the most part, I still love giving my kids baths, because they come out so nice and squeaky clean (and want to cuddle with mama), it has become kind of a circus in there. And, by circus, I mean a splash-a-thon with a very wiggly toddler that thinks it is all very very funny. What are your secret tricks to keeping your baby to sit still at this stage?

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