The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

xlargeYou’ve heard of the Food Network’s hit show “30 Minute Meals,” well, what about “45 Minute Falls”?

It’s not the title of a new reality show, but it could be.

Unfortunately, for some families reality has hit a bit too close to home.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child is rushed to the hospital every 45 minutes due to TVs falling on top of them.

The nightmare gets worse when you realize that most of these kids are not simply suffering a broken arm or leg due to TV tipping; rather, safety experts say many children die after large televisions crush their tiny bodies.

While they may look sleek and light, most mid-size flatscreen television sets weigh nearly 50 pounds, while the larger versions can tip the scales at 70 pounds or more.  If you have a big flatscreen TV at home, keep in mind that they are typically top-heavy with a narrow base.  That’s an extremely dangerous combo, especially if you keep your TV on a stand rather than mounting it on a wall.  And don’t think placing your TV on a tall dresser will spare your child from harm.  Reports show that curious children are not deterred by height.  If they are determined to change the channel, and the remote is on the dresser next to the TV, kids will pull out a drawer and climb to the top of the dresser.  When youngsters grab for the remote they can easily hit the wobbly flatscreen and end up with serious injuries.

To protect your child from becoming a sad statistic, mount your flatscreen TV to the wall.  If that option intimidates you, buy an anti-tip TV strap.  The affordable device (most cost less than $20) allows you to anchor your flatscreen to a stand or dresser or wall.  The stabilizing safety straps work with all brands of televisions and adjust to a variety of spaces.  They are readily available online and in stores, including Babies “R” Us and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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