The Biggest Loser: Did You See Marty?

Last night’s Biggest Loser episode was interesting to watch for many reasons. First, Adrian had a total meltdown, not once but twice. I can only imagine how the other contestants must have felt listening to her go on and on about how unfair everything was. After all, they were at the ranch weeks before Adrian arrived, and never once did any of them put on the show that she did. In her defense (because I think she needs it) I can also only imagine how difficult it must have been for her to come to the ranch and have to begin such a grueling workout routine. I know she had her own routine prior to coming to the ranch but it didn’t include grueling workouts with trainers.

The second reason this episode was so amazing was that, to my surprise, Marty got voted off. I really didn’t think he was going home, but then Erik surprised everyone and sent his past teammate home—an earlier conversation with trainer Bob led viewers to believe he’d never do that.

Still, that wasn’t the shocking part, though. What was truly amazing was to see Marty after he left the ranch. I had to do a double take before I realized it was him! I can’t believe he’s lost 140 pounds. To say he looked amazing is a gross understatement. I hope when the finale comes the producers show us more about how the contestants continued their weight loss journeys once they got home.

Forget the pictures of thin women I’ve been known to hang on my fridge for inspiration—in the future, Marty’s going up on my fridge. Hehe. Way to go, Marty!

Here’s how this week’s weight loss went:

Kai: 3 pounds

Jaron: 7 pounds

Heather: 7 pounds

Marty: 8 pounds

Adrian: 7 pounds

Wylie: 0 pounds

Erik: 11 pounds