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The Color of Comfort, Part I

Is it any wonder that some of our favorite colors tend to be those that are similar in color to our favorite foods? Comfort colors, much like comfort foods, make us feel good. They help make a house a home.

There is no scientific value to the following assessment nor is it based on color theory. This is purely about feelings invoked by colors, in my perception. See if you have similar feelings, or feel free to share yours.


I was never big on the color orange, at least not the orange found in the box of 8 crayons. However, it’s starting to grow on me. Combined with fresh citrus scents in the room, it can give you sense of exhilaration, like the way your mouth waters when peeling a fresh, juicy orange.

Muted tones of orange make me think of sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and pumpkin pie. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods, so that color feels like comfort food to me.


Different shades and tones of green strike me differently, but they all say, “fresh.” Fresh new leaves, freshly cut grass, fresh, crisp, green apples, limes, kiwi, or fresh parsley or sage chopped for cooking comfort foods like homemade soups or sage and sausage dressing.


Red reminds me of heat. Hot peppers, hot sauce, Buffalo wings, and homemade salsa… tantalizing tastes with a little more kick than most. Deep reds make me think of richness, like cherries jubilee.

Well, now I’ve managed to put myself in the mood for comfort cooking. I guess I should have had lunch before writing about comfort colors drawn from comfort foods. I’m going to the grocery store now so I can make a nice comfort food supper tonight. I’ll be back with more colors tomorrow.

What’s your favorite food? Is the color of that food on display in your home?

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