The Continuing Writers Strike—What’s Happening with Your Favorite Shows?

It doesn’t look like striking Writers Guild of America members will be having a very merry Christmas this year. Prospects for a compromise came to an abrupt halt when talks collapsed last week. What’s more, no new negotiations are scheduled.

So, now that we know that it is very, very unlikely that a new deal will be reached by the end of the year what does this all mean for your winter TV viewing?

Most of the major networks are keeping tight-lipped about their plans for the first few months of 2008, except for ABC. Big wigs at the Disney owned network recently revealed information on their upcoming TV line up.

Here’s what their plans are:

The hit drama “Lost” will return next month after an 8-month hiatus. However, the series is not out of the woods. Like other dramas and comedies it faces the possibility of an abbreviated season cut short by the ongoing work stoppage. According to show producers, eight new episodes of “Lost” have been completed–half the number originally planned. The network also announced that the series would end in 2010 after three more years of 16 episodes each.

ABC execs say they ordered 16 episodes of “Lost” instead of the traditional 22 because they plan to air fewer reruns so as to not interrupt the storyline. However, it remains to be seen whether the entire 16-episode order for 2008 can be filled considering the current strike situation.

There is some good news for “Lost” viewers. According to show producers, fans can expect at least a mini-cliffhanger ending, no matter how long the season lasts. When we last saw the stranded islanders (in the May season finale) they managed to issue a satellite phone call for help that, it appeared, could bring them more trouble.

You can get your “Lost” fix on Thursday’s at 9 p.m. Eastern time. It’s taking over the time slot held by “Grey’s Anatomy” – a show that has only one new episode remaining.

ABC execs also announced debut dates for new series including “Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann,” which hits airwaves Monday, January 7th. “Cashmere Mafia,” starring Lucy Liu, will begin Thursday, January 3rd, before moving to its regular Wednesday slot January 9th.

Finally, new seasons of “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Bachelor” will begin March 17th and the network’s other reality TV series “Oprah’s Big Give,” debuts March 2nd.

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