The Desperate Mom’s Guide to Spring Break

The Desperate Mom’s Guide to Spring Break | Families.comAre the kids inside and bored and the weather just isn’t co-operating during spring break? I know what you mean. Although I’ve been trying to push the birdies out of the nest to play outside, it is just too cold here. Add to that the fact that our spring break is really short this year (only three days off), and you have the potential makings of disappointed kids.

Sure, we could just throw money at the problem, but then again, that wouldn’t be very frugal.

Despite these challenges, I am happy to report that the feedback I got from my kids at the end of their first day of spring break was positive. “This was a really good day, mom.”

The main thing to remember, I think, is that kids want your undivided attention, and they want to do something fun or different. (Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t count, I tried that, and it didn’t work.)

Now on to the activities that do work. Here is my list of the Desperate Mom’s Guide to Spring Break:

Make a cardboard playhouse, airplane, pirate ship, etc. Just grab a large box (anywhere from a bulk diaper box to an appliance box, and let the kids go crazy. Their imagination will do the rest.

Take a hike locally. Despite living in and around woods, we hardly ever go for a hike or a walk through them. With no desperate rush to get cleaned up for school or do homework, the kids can get explore as long as they want, or until Mom gets tired of squishing through muddy spots.

Go on an archeological dig. Gather that old play sand from last summer plus a few interesting things from around the house, and you have yourself an archeological dig. Arm the kids with small paint brushes and let them uncover the treasures of lost civilizations (such as Mom’s old college pin). With a rainy day, we opted to do this on our front porch.



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