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The Farmer’s Market Part II

As it turns out my daughter was fairing better than reported while I was taking my weekly early morning “mommy break” at the farmer’s market with my sister. I am not against taking the kids with me to the farmer’s market but being able to go by myself serves two purposes. First, I finally get a much needed break from my adorable children. Second, I am able to talk with the farmer’s about how they produce their food to ensure that I am getting truly local and chemical free products (it is shocking at how many vendors are not selling local produce etc.).

There are also incredible benefits by getting to the farmer’s market early (we get to the farmer’s market just before seven in the morning): great parking, less people, first pick of products, and it is a little bit cooler early in the morning! Also by going early there is a chance that my children will sleep.

By the third week, we had our farmer’s market routine down to a science. Aside from knowing which vendors to check out every week, we also had a really enjoyable time just being out of the house without our kids. Even when we “took our time” it never took us more than an hour and a half.

However, at the third week of attending the farmer’s market and leaving the children with my husband, my son was no longer cooperating. Within a few minutes of leaving, I got a call from my husband saying that our son was awake and worried but to have fun. So I did. After thirty minutes at the farmer’s market, I received another phone call from my husband and this time my son was really upset. I talked to him on the phone and asked him if he wanted to watch one of his favorite videos of children’s music and have a snack. He sniffled and through tears told me, “okay.” At that point I really tried to hurry so that I could get home sooner than I had planned…

(To be continued…)