The Great Changing Debate


I will be the first to admit that my child has relieved herself in some very unconventional places.

Many of these incidents took place prior to her procuring a paralyzing fear of automatic-flushing toilets.

In fact, much earlier.  As in diaper early.

While I am quite thankful for the convenience afforded by disposable diapers, changing a soiled Pamper in public is not always easy.

Accidents happen, emergencies need to be dealt with.  As a parent, you likely know this very well and take measures to cope accordingly.

Unfortunately, you can’t always predict when uncomfortable situations may occur.

Just ask the Denver mom, who recently made headlines for changing her baby’s diaper on a table at Starbucks, in front of a slew of shocked and disgusted customers.

The police were called, the media ran with the story and now Ruth Burgos is being credited for refueling the great changing debate.

Burgos told police there were no changing tables in the Starbucks’ restroom, so instead of taking her son out to the car, she changed his diaper on top of a table that customers eat and drink on.

The mom maintains that she would have never resorted to undressing her child out in the open if Starbucks would’ve had a changing table in the restroom.

Despite her predicament, many parents have skewered Burgos for her decision to change her baby’s diaper on the table saying that she had other options, including her lap, her car, a secluded corner of Starbucks, etc.  The mom also got raked over the coals for her blatant disregard for sanitary concerns.

No word on whether Burgos used a changing mat, what was in the diaper, or even if she used a blanket to shield her baby’s private parts during the public diaper swap.  Not that it matters to those weighing in on her choice of changing tables.

Have you ever been forced to change your baby’s diaper on a restaurant table, mall bench or airplane seat?

What type of reaction did you get from people who witnessed the scene?

Can you relate to this Denver mom or are you grossed out by her unhygienic choice?



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