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The LDS Week in Review April 16-21

This week we had a wide variety of topics covered. You can learn more about the gospel doctrine lessons by reading Gospel Doctrine: “I Am a (Spiritual) Child of God”, Gospel Doctrine: “Give Ye Them to Eat”, and Gospel Doctrine: Christ’s “Straightway” and “Immediately.”

This week there were several blogs about Relief Society. We learned more about the role of the enrichment committee in Serving in the Relief Society: Enrichment Committee. You can also learn more about past Relief Society presidents by reading Relief Society Presidents: Belle S. Spafford, Relief Society Presidents: Barbara B. Smith and Relief Society Presidents: Barbara W. Winder.

There were many articles on how to help your family. Dinner Discussions 2007 Week 14 reviews the past week’s church lessons. General Conference: “The Nourishing Power of Hymns” review the conference talk and talks about the importance of hymns in your home. You can learn more about protecting your children from negative media influences in Young Men: Guarding Against Negative Media Influences. Pray and Plan to Help Your Family talks about the importance of spending time with your spouse discussing and planning to meet the needs of your family.

There were also several articles on things that you can do individually to grow spiritually. What Can I Do Today? is about the importance of realizing that while you should improve every day, you do not need to become perfect right away. In Young Women: “Stay on the Path” we learn about the importance of keeping the commandments. Primary Time: Reaching Out to the Less Active gives suggestions on ways teachers can help primary children feel welcome at church.