The Most Frugal Cities of 2013

Piggy bank resizedHow frugal is the city that you live in? Are you living in a city filled with spendthrifts or savers? Take your best guess as to the answer to those two questions before you read this blog. You might be surprised about which cities found to be the most frugal places in the United States for 2013. is an extremely popular website. It is where coupon clippers go to find awesome coupons for groceries, household items, and more. Using coupons is a great way to cut down on your grocery bill. If you are serious about saving money, chances are you have browsed the selection at at least a few times.

It seems very natural for, a website that helps people to save money, to compile a list of the most frugal cities of 2013. They had only one criteria that was used to determine how frugal a particular city was last year. Each was judged by the previous year’s coupon usage.

Their blog doesn’t specifically state exactly how everything was determined. My best guess is that made the list based on the amount of coupons that were printed out from its website by users in various cities in 2013. The list focuses on major metropolitan areas, only.

The list of the most frugal cities of 2013 is intended to be viewed as a celebration of the cities that made the list. Frugal living has become really popular with many Americans. Being frugal has become cool!

Which cities made the list? At the top was Orlando, Florida. The city has bumped Atlanta, Georgia, out of the first place position that it had in 2012. The second most frugal city of 2013 was Tampa, Florida. The state of Florida has two very frugal cities.

Rounding out the top five, we have Washington DC in third place. Nashville, Tennessee, came in fourth place. Fifth place went to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The state of Ohio was the most frugal state of 2013. Ohio had three cities that made the list. It beat Florida in terms of number of frugal cities. However, Ohio’s most frugal cities were lower on the list than the most frugal cities in Florida. Cleveland was number seven. Columbus was number thirteen, and Cincinnati was number eighteen. selected the Midwest as the “Most Frugal Region”. It had nine cities that made the list. Cleveland, as I mentioned, was seventh. Indianapolis was number eleven. As I’ve already mentioned, Columbus was number thirteen and Cincinnati was number nineteen. Minneapolis came in at number twenty-one, followed by Milwaukee at number twenty-two and Chicago at twenty-three. Kansas City came in at number thirty-eight.

Image by Ken Wilcox on Flickr.