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The Pets Blog Week in Review for Feb 12-18

Love was in the air with Valentine’s Day being the highlight event of last week, and Aimee and myself found a lot of stories with love as their theme to include in the Pets Blog last week…

Monday, February 12

The pet industry is booming these days thanks to the millions of pet owners lavishing love on their pets every way they know how. But Aimee shows us that Memorializing Your Pet Becomes Big Business after they pass too, and she shares ways we can keep our dearly departed pets’ memories alive. The theme of loving animals (and learning from them) and honoring them when they pass is also visited in On Koalas, Dogs, and Writing: An Interview with Author Lee Barwood.

Tuesday, February 13

The little cat I found laying in the middle of the road inspired You’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto: 5 Steps to Help a Stray Pet Find Home. Continuing with the theme of strays, Aimee once posted a blog about Shelters Without Walls. Families.com’s own Lisa Pietsch wound up adopting a dog because of it, and Aimee interviewed her and recounted the tale in Roady’s Long, Strange Trip.

Wednesday, February 14

Music has the Grammy’s, movies have the Oscars, and dogs have the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. We took a closer look at it in Best in Show: A History of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Planning on adopting a dog this year? If so, Aimee wrote about the Pedigree Adoption Drive, which, among other things, will give your new friend free food for a month. (But there’s also ways to give to homeless pets, too.) Speaking of helping homeless pets, I’m pleased to announce I’m a Foster (Cat) Mom!

Thursday, February 15

Life around Team Pryor’s house (as we call ourselves) is rarely dull, and Life with Tabby the Stray is no exception.

Friday, February 16

Aimee shares a heartwarming story of a dog and cat adopting each other in Momma Cat Takes in Rottie Puppy.

Saturday, February 17

Revisiting Westminster, Aimee profiles the Dog Breed: English Springer Spaniel, which was the breed of dog who took Best in Show this year.

Sunday, February 18

One day of R & R so Aimee and myself can recharge to bring you another great week of rousing stories.

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