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The Pets Blog Week in Review for February 25-March 2

Aimee and I went to town last week with a variety of articles. In case you missed any, here’s your handy Week in Review catch up cheat sheet.

Monday, February 25

How do you earn a roaming stray dog’s trust? I’m trying to figure that out so I can win over the stray in our neighborhood.

Aimee logged another entry in her Diary of a Cat Care B & B: how not to wash a cat.

I reported on Murph’s progress with the PoochIQ test.

Tuesday, February 26

Hey what’s this? I know this chick! That’s right, Aimee conducted an interview with me, her fellow Pets Blogger and mystery author.

In her second Diary of a Cat Care B & B entry this week, Aimee explained the fine art of performing kitty pedicures.

Wednesday, February 27

Finally! I had a feel good story about a stray to report on, thanks to my friends in Arizona who decided to keep the little pup they found.

Aimee weighed in with a dog breed I’ve never even heard of before: Shibu Inu. (Wonder if I’ve ever seen one and just didn’t know that’s what it was?)

Thursday, February 28

I interviewed historical fiction author Sandra Worth about her new German Shepherd puppy, Isobel.

And I also interviewed Kim Jack Riley of Petside.com.

Aimee lamented the fact that it’s itching season again for her poor Moose and Lally.

A golden retriever with a hitch in her getalong named Sadie caught Aimee’s eye at the dog park. She found out Sadie’s a rescue who missing some bones in one of her front paws, but she’s sure not missing any heart.

Friday, February 29

I conjured up talk about cats (especially black ones) in an interview with Bev Walton Porter (among other things…).

Aimee’s got to look into painkillers for dogs for her Moose since the warmer weather isn’t helping to alleviate his hip pains.

Saturday, March 1

Instead of opting to only treat Moose’s pain with medicine, Aimee’s also looking into natural painkillers for dogs.

Sunday, March 2

It’s Sunday, there aren’t any blogs, so that must mean we took a day off.

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