The Power of Now

There is something that I need to talk to you about, something that may be standing in between you and your dreams. It is there right now, as you read this. The good news is that it does not have to be there. You can acknowledge that it is there and then choose to do something about it.

What is it? Of course you want to know, don’t you? It is that idea that you have in your mind that tells you that you must have everything perfectly in place before you begin your home – based business. Yes, that idea. I know that it is there because I had that idea too. I used to have that idea in my head, but now it is gone. In its place, I have two home – based businesses.

It took a bit of courage, but I was able to set that idea aside and move forward with my businesses in spite of it. I am not sure where my inspiration to do that came from, but since I started my businesses a couple of months after my first son was born, it may have had something to do with a lesson that I learned from becoming a parent. You cannot wait for perfection before doing the things that you want to do. Why not? Because perfection will never come.

That may sound like a negative statement, but rest assured that it is not. I’m way too much of an optimist for that nonsense. What I am saying is that where you are at right now is good enough. When my husband and I first learned that we were going to be parents, we had a conversation about all of the things that we had wanted to have in place before having kids. Things like more money, a new house, having met certain career goals, and the like. We decided right then and there that those things did not matter anymore because forestalling the start of family life while waiting for those things could have meant that we put off starting a family until much, much later, if ever.

What we did instead was focus on what we did have and what we could do with it. That mentality has served us well as parents and it came in useful when I started my businesses. I simply thought of the talents and resources that I had available at the time, spent a little time thinking things through and planning (but not overplanning) and started the businesses. Every home – based business started somewhere. Is yours about to begin here and now?

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