The Pregnancy Blog Review Dec 20 – 30

The holidays are always crazy, but never more exhausting than when you are pregnant. The pregnancy blog review is a great place to get caught up on your reading while relaxing with your feet up. A range of topics have been covered recently.

When we learn we are pregnant, we suddenly worry about any potential risks to the baby. This usually includes illness. Pregnancy and the Chicken Pox addresses prenatal exposure to this fairly common childhood illness.

Some couples choose a holiday get together as the time to share the news of their pregnancy. Sharing the News on Christmas Day offers tips for telling family your baby news.

Parties are a big part of the holiday season. One thing that is out for this year is cocktails. Safe Cocktail Alternatives offers some fun, non alcoholic drinks for your holiday parties.

When you visit your health care provider early in pregnancy, you will need to have blood drawn. One thing they are looking for is immunity to rubella, or German Measles. Rubella in Pregnancy offers information about the effects of rubella on your pregnancy.

Some couples choose to send pregnancy announcements to share the news with family and friends. Creating Pregnancy Announcements talks about available options for creating an announcement.

What is a Single Umbilical Artery? The normal umbilical cord has three vessels, two of which are arteries. In about one in one hundred births, there is only one artery. Learn what this can mean for the pregnancy in this blog.

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