The Traditional Approach

Often overlooked in a world of vogue methods and new ideas, the traditional approach is still the choice of many homeschoolers today.  The traditional approach seems vanilla and therefore rarely a topic of conversation anymore.  I started my homeschooling years using this approach and transformed into a Charlotte Mason method until finally settling in with an eclectic approach.  There is nothing wrong with this approach if you have a learner who is ordered, craves routine, and is an auditory learner.  We read all the time about textbooks being unnecessary but this approach loves textbooks.  Some believe it is a tried and true method while others feel it is flawed and does not encourage creative thought.  In the end, you need to pick what works for your family.  Traditional or not, creativity can be a part of any approach.

This approach is the closest to what you find in traditional school classrooms. This method uses textbooks, grade levels, tests, reviews, drills, and memorization. Those who incorporate this method provide the student with a full school day, filled with reading and writing. The goal is to prepare the student for graduation by fulfilling preset requirements. Students are provided a school setting in a home environment. This method is primarily teacher driven.

Support & Advice

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