The Weight Loss Buddy System

Do you have a weight loss buddy?  Having a buddy had many advantages but it also has its disadvantages, so make sure you pick the right buddy.

How Having a Buddy Helps 

  • Keeps you motivated.  When you want to lie in bed instead of getting up for that morning run your buddy will be there to kick you out of bed.
  • Gives you someone to lean on when you feel the temptation for that piece of cheesecake is too strong to resist.
  • Face it, treadmills are boring.   Having a buddy will give  you someone to talk to.
  • Losing weight is tough.  Borrow a biblical principle;  bear one another’s burdens.
  • If you are the competitive type then having a buddy for some friendly competition will keep you going.

How Having a Buddy May Cause Problems

  • Both of you are weak at the same time and decide to eat cheesecake together.  My mom used to go exercise with a friend and right afterwards they would go get dessert.
  • Your buddy may be unreliable and end up leaving you alone on the treadmill.  Having an unreliable buddy is the opposite of motivation so if you are a buddy be a good one.
  • You and your buddy share the same weaknesses and instead of counter acting it you encourage each other negatively.
  • Competition isn’t always the best way to express friendship.  Some people are sensitive or lack the stamina to be competitive.
  • You may find you use your buddy as an excuse not to work out or eat right if your buddy is slacking.

Before you pick a buddy make sure your personalities mesh and you can compliment each other.  Do not get paired up with someone  you know will encourage you in the wrong way.  Your buddy may not be your best friend.  Word of warning…you buddy may not be your husband.  It depends the way you relate to one another.  Everyone is different and if you and  your husband do not mesh well in this area, that is okay.  Find a buddy that works for you.