Things to Do with Cardboard Tubes

Everyone loves paper towel and toilet tubes! What about gift wrapping tubes? All of these tubes are just so useful. There are so many things that can be done with them, and so many solutions for household use.

You know my philosophy: why purchase something when you already have something that will work. After you read some of these ideas, you may just stop tossing those tubes.

Did you know that you can extend the reach of your vacuum cleaner hose or wand with a long gift wrap tube? Use duct tape to make the seal airtight. You can even crush the end of the tube a little bit to make a crevice tool.

Make fire starters with the toilet paper tubes. tightly pack newspaper into the tube. To make a longer lasting “log,” shred the newspaper first. Using masking tape, tape one end of the tub. Stuff the shredding newspaper as tightly as you can, and then tape the other end of the tube. You can even use these fire starters in a gift basket.

Use the tubes to ship or store delicate objects. This is much less expensive than using all of that purchased bubble wrap and packing paper.

Use the tubes to store plastic grocery bags in your suitcase or beach bag. Plastic bags are invaluable when traveling to store wet clothes, dirty clothes and to be used as barf bags. The tubes keep the bags handy, and they don’t take up much space.

Use the paper tube to start seeds. Why purchase those expensive seed starting pots when it is so easy to make your own out of your free cardboard tubes? I wrote an entire article about how to do this. You can click here to read, Frugal Gardening: Make Your Own Seed-Starting Pots.

Going on a picnic? Why not use the tubes to store your silverware! Just think, you can bring real knives to cut your foot and still be safe. Just flatten a paper towel tube and duct tape one end shut. Then insert your knife or other silverware. The paper towel tub acts as an instant sheath. Toilet paper tubes make great sheaths for the smalelr paring knife.

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