Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Blogger?

I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and PMs lately, asking me for more info on how to become a blogger. Since I am just about the laziest person you’ll ever meet, I thought that I would write all the info once, and then just refer everyone to this series when they had questions. Yes, I should try to work on my laziness streak, but let’s focus on something I may actually accomplish, like this blog.

To start off, if you want to work from Families, you have to choose which topic you will cover. Mine, obviously, is Jobs (a great topic indeed, even if I do say so myself. I absolutely love it. Every “mother” is biased, of course.) If you’re wondering just what topics are covered by Families, I would look to the right of the screen, towards the top, where you will find a box filled with different words or phrases: Adoption, Pets, Military Families, etc. Those are all of the topics currently covered by Families. Almost everything under the sun is covered. If one of those topics strikes your fancy, then we’re on to step two: Figuring out if you can do the job itself.

Do you “rite like thes” and not see a problem with it? Don’t bother applying–save yourself and Lisa Pietsch, the Community Manager, time and energy. You have to be able to write with good English; not English-major-college-professor sort of English, but a conversational English that is readable. If you know the difference between their, there, and they’re, you’ll do just fine. Pop quiz: If one boy owns one dog, is it a)the boy’s dog b)the boys dog or c)the boys’ dog? Answer at the end of the blog!

On top of a good grasp of the English language, there is a time commitment involved with writing for Families. People want to blog for Families because it is so flexible (more on that part later.) That’s great and dandy, but flexible does not equal never doing it at all, which is what some people seem to think. As a blogger, you are required to write 20 blogs per month. Notice, there is no “but” on the end of that sentence–if you cannot commit to writing at least 20 blogs per month, don’t bother applying. You’ll get fired when you don’t reach the quota anyway.

Speaking of firing, my next blog covers The Big Five–the five reasons why you would get fired from Families. Make sure to check it out tomorrow, because you never want to make any of these mistakes!

The answer to the pop quiz was A: It is the boy’s dog. If you answered that correctly, congratulations! You may turn out to be a right-fine blogger after all!