Tips for Getting Work Done When you are Tired

Just like their peers who work outside of the home, home based professionals sometimes feel tired during the times that they are supposed to work. If you are feeling tired, rest assured (no pun intended) that you can in fact get some good quality work done if you just take your time. When you aren’t tired, it may be easy to zip through your work efficiently and effectively without making many mistakes. When you’re tired, mistakes can pile up quickly if you try to rush things. Working at a slow and steady pace is just one way that you can get things accomplished while you are tired.

There are a few other things that can help you to remain productive even when your eyelids feel heavy. One thing that I find very helpful is having a clear plan of action. At the beginning of each week, I enter a detailed daily work schedule into the daily planner app on my smartphone. No matter how foggy my mind is I can see a list of what I have to do right there in front of me. Another tip is that getting up and moving around helps to keep your thinking clear. Take a break every so often to walk around and shake off some of the tiredness and get blood flowing to your muscles and your brain. Another way that I stay productive is to be even more vigilant about not letting anything get in my way of work. When I am tired I work slower, so I need all of the time that I have available to be productive. Email, Facebook, and other fun things on my smartphone could easily suck me in if I am not careful.

What are your go – to strategies when you are tired and you need to get some work done?

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