Tips for Post Partum Exercise

There is a lot to be said about post partum exercise. Whether the motivation is to lose pregnancy weight, get fit after baby, or to simply get back into the routine (all of these are my motivation to exercise post partum), there are a number of things that you can do to make your post partum workouts a success.

First and foremost: mental preparation. You need to get it in your head that you are going to start working out as soon as you are physically able be it four weeks post partum or twelve weeks post partum. Based on your birth experience and the healing period that you need, set a reasonable goal date to begin your post partum workouts and stick to it. Continually tell yourself that you are going to start working out in six weeks, five weeks, four weeks, etc. Basically, do whatever you need to do to mentally prepare yourself.

Second: buy a supportive sports bra. It is really important for post partum and breastfeeding moms to have a bra that is going to provide good breast support. The last thing you need is to experience breast pain because your bra is supportless.

Third: commitment. Find a time during the day to commit to working out whether it be in the morning before the kids wake up, after breakfast, during nap time, before or after lunch, before or after dinner etc. There will always be distractions so you have to choose to make your workout time a priority (three times a week, five times a week, every day whichever you choose).

Fourth: start out slowly. It is important to ease yourself back into a workout routine. Do not go too high impact or too intense too soon. Start out with a fairly easy workout to see where you are. If you feel like you can handle something more difficult after the first day(or first week etc.), add a more challenging workout.

Fifth: push yourself. After you have started out slowly and are feeling that your body can handle more push yourself to do more. You will achieve better results when you push yourself whether it be to do a longer workout or a more difficult workout. Push your body to change by physically challenging it.

Sixth: include both cardiovascular and strength training workouts. The cardio will help you burn fat. While the strength training will tone your muscles it will also help you burn fat, (muscle burns more calories than fat). It is in the combination of both cardiovascular and strength training exercises that will get the best results and more quickly too.