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Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Travel can be stressful at times – especially for Toddlers. Most, if not all, toddlers feel most comfortable with a predictable schedule. Vacation travel typically doesn’t offer that stability. This means that parents will need a strategy. Here are some tips for traveling with toddlers.

Schedule in Down Time
Toddlers, as a group, don’t tend to do very well when expected to sit still for long periods of time. Parents need to schedule in some down time where their toddler can move around and burn off some energy and frustration.

Plan ahead so you can easily find a local park nearby where you will be staying. Set aside time to go swimming in the hotel pool. Will you be driving long hours on the way to your vacation destination? Take the time to tire out your toddler before you head out. Dancing to some music can be very effective.

Toddlers on a Plane
Overstimulated toddlers tend to get cranky. Let’s be honest, though – full grown adults can be extremely irritable if their plane gets delayed. You can’t do much about the adults around you, but parents can make attempts to calm down their toddlers.

If your toddler is into planes and other large moving vehicles, they might enjoy hanging around in front of a large window and watching the planes. Parents can point out the planes that are leaving, and those that are coming in. There should be some small vehicles running around out there, too.

Bring plenty of of your toddler’s favorite snacks. A few goldfish crackers can improve a hungry toddler’s mood. If possible, save the snacks for when you are on the plane and your toddler has gotten tired of sitting still. Bored toddlers might need small toys to play with. Hand those out one at a time.

Expect Difficulties at Bedtime
Some toddlers have a hard time falling asleep in a new environment. Parents should expect that their toddler will need some extra help getting settled down after a day filled with new sights and sounds. If possible, start getting your toddler ready for bed a bit earlier than usual.

It may help to stick to the usual bedtime routine as much as possible. Bring a favorite bedtime story along on your vacation. A bath before bed may help soothe an overtired toddler. Making the hotel room dimmer by shutting off some of the lights could be a good idea.

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