To Deliver or Not to Deliver? That is the question!

One part of direct sales is product delivery. The fun part can be getting it to your customers. Often this time of year I throw misc. items on one big order and reap the hostess credit. This helps me get gifts for my family and friends, as well as to build my inventory. However, then I have to deliver! It’s usually not a big deal and I can get it done pretty quickly.

Often if it’s close, I divide the city into three areas and do one section a day while running errands on that side of town (Mapquest is great for mapping out your route). However, sometimes I’m not paying attention and have a customer who lives far away.

My last two parties were small, and so I put them together so the hostesses could get more. I also had a lot of individual orders that needed to be placed. Often at the end of the year I will use toys from my inventory to fill orders so I do not have to store the toys and can get my money back for the end of the year. Adding the other orders into the party helps balance out the hostess free product.

I spent today running toys and Power Pops all over town. One hostess luckily came to town and just picked up hers. Now I only have one more order left, and she’s about 45 minutes out of town. When I made my decision to ship to me I asked her if she ever comes to my area, and she said yes. Luckily we have a common person who works where I live and lives in her town. We are supposed to get nasty weather tonight.

It will be so nice to have a dining room that is not scattered with piles of blue bags!

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