Toddlers and Early Learning

One thing that all parents of toddlers know is that the toddler stage of development involves a lot of learning. Toddlers are learning to walk, learning to talk, and learning all about the people, places, and things in their world. Learning is sometimes a tricky topic to think about when it comes to toddlers, though. It is natural for parents to wonder about what types of things their toddlers should be learning and how they can ensure that their toddlers will be ready for school when the time comes.

There are many, many DVDs, flash cards, and other products that are marketed to the parents of toddlers. The advertising for these materials is sometimes designed to make parents feel that their little ones need to know their ABC’s and 1,2,3’s long before they get on the school bus or they will somehow be “behind” all of the other kids. I firmly believe that it is more important for the parents of toddlers to encourage their children to develop a love of learning, rather than to actually learn any specific sets of facts like the alphabet. If children have positive experiences with learning, such as learning through play, they will come to feel that learning is fun. However, if they are constantly quizzed with flash cards or other learning drills, they may begin to believe that learning is not fun.

What many parents may not realize is just how much their toddlers may be learning without them even realizing it. Learning takes place in so many ways, and a lot of it happens without any effort on the part of the parent or the child. Toddlers are naturally inclined to learn. They are naturally curious, and when they see or hear things that they want to know more about, they usually do not hesitate to ask plenty of questions. That is where parents can make a big difference. By spending plenty of time playing, singing, talking, and reading with your toddler, you strengthen your bond with your toddler while helping her to learn about the world around her. Every experience, no matter how simple it may seem to an adult, is a learning experience for a toddler.