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My son goes to a Memphis City school, but it is a special school in that it is part of the University of Memphis.  It is the teaching school for the university, so while it does get city funding, they also need to do fundraisers to get more money.

I cannot tell you how tired of fundraisers that I am!  I became a member of GoodSearch, which donates a penny for every search made and suggest to the PTO president and vice president that everyone join (most of the parents work at the University of Memphis and undoubtedly have access to computers at work), but so far, there are only three members.

So, I was excited today when I ran across Lowe’s Toolbox for Education web site.  How nice it is to see a company that supports education!  This program helps parents get involved in their children’s school and helps promote education through grants.  Who doesn’t want to see their children’s school get better equipment, books, and computers – all the basics needed for a good, solid education?

Lowe’s has sponsored the Toolbox for Education program for the past six years.  In that time, the company has donated almost $25 million to schools across the country.

The grants are available to public K-12 schools or non-profit parent organizations associated with a public school.  Sorry preschoolers – the program is not available for you.

You have to apply for the grant, which means you have to tell Lowe’s why you need the money.  The good part is, if you aren’t a grant writer (I know I am not!), they offer examples to help you fill out the application.

You can submit applications online at the Toolbox for Education website.  You must search for your school in the database and if it’s not there, it can be added.  Schools can receive between $2,000 and $5,000.  This year, Lowe’s will donate $5 million.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your child’s school received a part of that?

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