Turning the Corner in 2013

I’d love a life makeover in 2013.

Where do I sign-up for that?

Actually, I’d settle for a personal chef, chauffeur and housekeeper, paid for by an anonymous donor.

Then again, what busy parent wouldn’t treasure professional help to get through the chaos of everyday life?

Unless some miracle takes place between now and the stroke of midnight I will likely be tackling the same chores I do every.single.day. throughout 2013.

That’s the cold slap of reality.

Fortunately, I’m not letting it get me down.  Rather, I am planning to turn the corner in 2013 and help myself lighten the load by getting organized.  By doing so, I hope to reduce the amount of time I run around the house looking for items or getting ready at the last-minute for events I forgot to jot down.

What’s more, I’m having my 8-year-old jump on the organizational bandwagon as well.

Goodness knows that kid needs the ride.

Tomorrow we’ll be tackling her room, starting with her closet.

That’s right; we’re not waiting until the spring to clean and get organized.  Instead, I am going to try to make the process fun, so she doesn’t complain the entire time.

I’ve got a few techniques up my sleeves, such as arranging her clothes by type.  For example, we will be hanging all of her school uniforms in one area, and then dividing them into individual rows of pants, sweaters, shirts, jumpers and skirts.  Then, we’ll create sections for play clothes, church clothes and off-season items.  Depending on the age of your child, you could also sort clothes by color.  This will keep your son or daughter from having to flip through their entire wardrobe to find coordinating pieces. Rather, once they decide what color item they need, they can easily find another piece of apparel that will match.

When we complete the closets we’ll move on to the kitchen–the epicenter of our home.  Here we’ll clear out all of the cupboards and remove the items we don’t use on a regular basis.  Once the dishes are out, I’ll clean the shelves and doors, and then arrange my kitchen items in an orderly fashion.  For example, I’ll place our everyday dishes near the dishwasher to make it easier to put away and store pots, pans and other larger cooking tools near the stove for easy accessibility.

Finally, I am planning to purge our junk drawer.  All non-cooking items, such as crayons, crafts, toys, tools, and random junk will either get pitched or stored in a more appropriate area.  Then, I can fill my reclaimed kitchen drawer with… wait for it… kitchen items.  What a concept.

How are you planning to turn the corner in 2013?

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