Tutorial Apps


Currently Photoshop is keeping me humble.  In order to understand it, I had to ask a friend for help.  Recently, I downloaded a tutorial from the app store.  I love the ability to watch a video as I work on my computer at the same time.  I found learning this way to be highly effective.  Not only do I get to see someone doing it, I have the ability to mimic it on my own screen at the same time.  That is a combination I need when figuring out certain things like Photoshop.  The downside is that you cannot ask questions but if the tutorials are thorough enough you may have very few  and you can go back and listen any time you need.  Most questions are easily answered on a Google search or asking a friend.

The idea of app tutorials made me think of other areas this could be useful for in education.  The Kahn Academy has plenty of tutorials covering a multitude of subjects from math to science.  You can access it on an app or on the computer.  The videos are thorough and can help any student with a question on a particular subject.  Perhaps you have a student who wants to learn piano or simply needs extra instruction or practice.  You can find plenty of piano apps along with other instruments covered in the app store.  You will many that are free and some with a minimal fee.  Tutor.com is a site with an app that may prove very useful.  The site connects students and tutors in real time on a multitude of subjects.  The app allows a student to read over past tutoring sessions and store information.  The best part is that the app is free but it is associated with Tutor.com so you will have to register there to get the full benefits of the app.